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Adhesive extensions or glued extensions are a totally new method. The top of the curtain comes with a very thin ribbon with adhesive. Just remove the protective paper and stick the curtain in your hair. It's very easy to put them on yourself. Also as the hair falls like your own no one will notice that you wear them, even if they touch your head. They are very comfortable to carry and easy to put on.It is important that you find a good adhesive and if you use a strong adhesive such as the cold gel, you will need a remover to remove them, but they will last all the time, until your hair grows and you have to tweak them a bit ...

Also, did you know that the adhesive extensions can be put on your own? Although it is always better to be a professional to put them, these types of extensions are very easy to place. In less than 15 minutes they can be placed.

Here we explain the steps to follow to put them in:

Wash your hair with normal, not too greasy, chanpú. Do not use conditioner.

 Step 1 : Separate your hair into not too large partitions starting at the bottom of the head leaving enough space to place the adhesive extensions.

Step 2 : Cut 2 strips about 8 inches from the adhesive curtain. Remove the paper from the adhesive (in case the adhesive tape comes to you apart you have to place your). It is advisable not to cut strips of more than 8 centimeters because they can pull your hair and also fall before by weight. Once the paper has been removed, apply more liquid adhesive for further fixing.


 Step 3 : Place the adhesive curtain strip on the bottom of the partition stripe. ATTENTION: do not stick it to the scalp, but to the hair at the bottom of the line. You should leave at least a half centimeter of space for the curtain to move flexibly. Press firmly on the strip so that it hits well.

Step 4 : Raise up the part of the curtain you've hit and hold it with a clamp so that you can see the back of the curtain you've already hit. Separate down the hair that has not been stuck to the tape.

Step 5 : Now the same but with the second adhesive curtain strip of exactly the same measure. Remove the protective paper tape, and add liquid adhesive for more adhesion. Be careful to apply adhesive only on the adherent surface, not on the hair.

Step 6 : Take the adhesive curtain strip that you have applied the liquid glue and turn it carefully, and place it in a completely symmetrical way to the first. Both strips should be directly facing each other. Both strips have to stick together and the hair in the same direction. It is very important to use the iron for a few seconds for greater adhesion. It is also very important that the extensions are sandwich type, ie both the top and bottom of your hair strand should place the extensions opposite. That's why these types of extensions are also called sandwich extensions.

Follow the same process with the whole head, cutting strips of equal size and placing them symmetrically with each other. Use smaller strips for sides. Remember to press well every time so that the extensions last longer. It is done. Comb to your style and enjoy!

Replacement: Remove the old strip of adhesive curtain and carefully clean with the remover liquid. Remove the old adhesive tape and add new tape.

To Remove: 
Use the "remove" liquid. Apply to remove over the adhesive extensions and wait for the adhesive to soften. You can also cover your head with a plastic cap and sit under the hot hair dryer for about 5 minutes. In this way the stir acts faster.

Now carefully remove the adhesive strips and using a little extra stir to dissolve any remaining residue.

You wash the head with chanpú especially in the zones where the removing took place. Rinse and repeat the wash until all the residue has disappeared from the hair. Do not apply conditioner if the adhesive extensions are to be replaced .

Replacement: Remove the old adhesive curtain strip and carefully clean with alcohol. Remove the old adhesive tape and add new tape. 
To remove them: Apply a little remove on the adhesive extensions. Now carefully remove the adhesive strips and using a little extra stir to dissolve any remaining residue.