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Increase volume and length with clip extensions. What is the advantage? You can ask them yourself! Find out all there is to know about clip extensions, hair accessories that are essential for those who like to change their hair.

The laying of these hair accessories is often quite technical, and is best done by a professional. Clip extensions come in the form of strips with mini clips to fix to the root of the hair, an operation that you can take care of yourself at home. Begin by slightly creaking the hair near the root, and attach the locks to the back of the head, so that your hair completely covers the extensions. No panic, the technique will quickly become familiar. Remember to remove your extensions before going to bed!

What type of hair extension to choose?

In general, it is better to choose clip extensions in natural rather than synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is poorly heat-resistant and often suffers from a lower life expectancy. Moreover, their often very bright appearance makes them more visible. Attention, however, the mention "100% natural" is unfortunately not always a guarantee of quality. The only way to check is to test the locks with a straightening iron. If they heat or burn, you can be sure that your hair accessories contain synthetic material.

How to Carefully Extend Hair Extensions

If you keep your clip extensions on in the shower, use a gentle shampoo, and do not use masks or conditioners, which slide the fasteners. To brush your hair, choose a bristle bristle hair brush to not break the hair fiber, and be sure to brush your hair often to avoid knots. For the same reason, in the shower, keep your head leaning back and wash your hair gently.

Are clip hair extensions the hair accessory you need?

Clip-on extensions are a good solution for those who want a practical and temporary solution. The disadvantage is that they see themselves more than others. If you want a more permanent solution, keep it even at night, make an appointment with the hairdresser and opt for hot extensions, attached to the keratin near the root and let your hair breathe. With this type of hair accessory , however, no question of using a straightening iron, which would melt the keratin. The cold extensions are resistant, allow to make blow-dryings, and are easy to remove. However, you will not be able to keep them for more than two months. The braided extensions, finally, are sewn by the hairdresser and particularly recommended for curly or Afro hair.